Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Death By Chocolate

Do you love chocolate? Do you love it when guests at a party swoon over the dessert you made? Then this recipe is for you! And just in time for Valentine's Day! If you make this for your sweetie, I promise, he will be yours forever.

The original recipe for this came from Kristi R. who call this "Brayden's Chocolate Dessert" because her son loves this dessert that much. She makes it with pound cake, I make it with brownies, and I am sure they are both equally delicious!

Death By Chocolate (or "Kristy's Chocolate Dessert")

1 batch of brownies, made as directed
1 lrg pkg of chocolate pudding, made as directed
1 tub Cool Whip
1 C. Toffee Bits

After the brownies have cooled, and you have most likely eaten one, chop them into bite size cubes. Layer half of the brownies into a triffle dish or other clear bowl. Next, layer half the pudding on top of the brownies, leveling the top as you spread. Then layer half the Cool Whip over the pudding, followed by half the toffee bits. Repeat with another layer of each ingredient, finishing with the toffee bits.

Leave me a comment, letting me know what you are making your sweetie for Valentines dessert.

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